About Us

Like during every Shabbat, we were at the synagogue on Saturday morning with my father. Following the service at kiddush we were faced with 3 students, each of them sons of rabbis. After getting to know each other, they told us that they did not have where to spend Shabbat. We invited them to come to us.

Then, after some research, we realized that this problem happens frequently and on a larger scale.

So we decided to create Shabbat With Us, a non profit organization whose goal is to connect people all over the world for finding a warm welcome at a Shabbat table.

This will allow families in our community to do a great mitzvah: welcoming a person for Shabbat.

Shabbat With Us wins the Noah Prize for Youth!

In July 2018, the Shabbat With Us team participated in a incubator organized by Noé for Youth in partnership with the FSJU. At the end we presented Shabbat With Us before a jury. Following the deliberations, Shabbat With Us was among the winners and won a scholarship for his project.

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